Sent EGC to BNB help

Hi there, on jan 10, I have tried 3 times to sent EGC (BEP20) directly via send and receive and added Recipient Smart Chain BNB. I copied the Smart Chain address and added it to recipient. The coins have disappeared. Please help to get them back. I dont know exactly what happened

Version 6.16

Transaction Hashes:



My wallet 0xCAAFc134447481b15dABc47d09b0218b5bb5668A

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I have further tried to add screenshots ot the transactions but it serms not to be possible, so please let me know how to add them here

@Mion33 you can send screenshot now.
From transaction hash you sent above, the receiver address is your own address and you already have received the tokens. Can you tell us what you were trying to do?

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Hi Alan, newbie mistake, swap via Pankake fmfud not work coz no gas was there, so I was trying to swap EGC to BNB on wallet, the got deducted from EGC but never arrived on BNB

thanks for your assistance

@Alan47 I have shared all my screenshots please have a look, it seems some amounts got lost in translation and I would like to get them back

Please, I can’t transfer usdt to Binance.


@Ake1 this address has no BNB (BEP2) to cover transaction fees. Read about fees here: Cryptocurrency Network Fees

If you have some smart chain BNB (BEP20), you can convert them to BEP2, here’s a guide: How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet