Step-by-step: Stake BNB on Pancakeswap DeFi Farming with Double rewardsrming

I need to know how to stake BNB in the Trustwallet to earn CAKE? I have BNB balance in my Trustwallet but When I click on “unlock wallet” in the Cake Pool it doesn’t work.

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Your bnb should be in bep20 network its written ‘Smart chain’ in trust wallet

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It’s already in smart chain in Trust wallet. My question is about the Cake pool’s bug

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It shouldn’t be unlocked wallet , it should be approve #BNB, just go to pool page wait for it load well then u are good to go.

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Here is the step by step for staking BNB (BEP 20) tokens and earn cake tokens

Click this link under dApp browser

You should see your BNB balance on this screen. Click on the Pancakeswap logo

Click on the three lines on the top right and select pools

Scroll down to search for Cake pool for BNB and click on the ‘+’ sign to stake your BNB tokens. It will open a new window where you submit the numbers.

The maximum stake allowed is 10 BNB only. Please do not stake more than that.

Click to approve transaction and you are done.

**Staking in this pool will also make you eligible for BNB airdrop **

This pool is for 30 days and once finished you can unstake your stake and rewards will automatically harvested. You can unstake your stake anytime you want.

You can get BNB from swap or from Binance. If you have BEP2, worry no more as Trust Wallet now supports swap between Binance Chain (BEP2) and Binance smart chain (BEP20)

How to do a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet

Binance Announcement on Twitter

Blockquote Binance Tweet

Now what to do with the Cakes that you are receiving.

Click on Harvest to get the rewards in your wallet.
DO NOT harvest less than 1 Cake as the fees for harvesting ,approving cake and staking would be approx cost around 6 + 4 + 20 cents (rough estimate)

Now find this TWT pool and click on Approve Cake first

Otherwise you can now click on stake by clicking the + sign and add your Cake Tokens

Add your numbers here and approve the transaction

Now you will start earning double rewards


is it possible to separately remove the accumulated pool from bnb smart chaine?

Some of us need everything laid out, step-by-step, to ensure the UI does what we want. Your post certainly fits the bill.



To be honest, I have lost hundred of dollars in wrong transactions, contract triggers in Ethereum and it hurts when you count them all. So I am sharing my experience with my fellow Trust Wallet users to help them not lose money while they start their Crypto Journey. You would find many people joining in the hope of making money with their little investments and for them every cent matters. So this goes for all of them in the name of TrustWallet Brotherhood. :v:


Bro, 1.001 on my cake pool - it’s bnb ?

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You can stake it via the steps provided above by the community member…but, the staking rewards for the BNB pool are absurd. You get a much better ROI on the initial Cake pool, the one provided by pancakeswap.

This pool is only for staking BNB and you get your BNB back. For higher Cake APYs there is a risk associated. So for those who don’t want to convert their BNB - This is the best option available.
Go for it

Losing eth to a dex when you’re new and impressionable can be a real deterrent to further trading. People say to DYOR, but not everyone should operate under the confines of processing information the same way. A diluted explanation, generally speaking, doesn’t hurt to have.

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  • Trade bots which are ready to pick your wrong price orders and the loadfull of scammers trying to rip off every newbie.

It is really nice that Trust Wallet provides this community platform where we can discuss, learn and receive genuine advise and guidance.

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You’ve been very very helpful and clinical in your description especially for those who needs everything spelt out in PICTORIAL form and all. You are valid @vipul19 I trust together we take trustwallet community forward.