Swapped BNB for ETH on PancakeSwap and did not receive the coin

I bought ETH on PancakeSwap using Smart Chain, and the transaction was confirmed and
received a notification on the app, but the funds are not in my Ethereum wallet.

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Hi Laura,

PancakeSwap connects to your wallet via BSC network, that means the assets you buy/sell are on the Binance Smart Chain network.

The token you have received is a Binance Pegged BEP20 token.

You can manually add the supported coin/token to your wallet.
Search for ETH and look for the one that has Binance Pegged or BEP20 on it.

Every time you see a coin on PancakeSwap, or tokens that are well known to be in other blockchains, remember those are Binance-Peg tokens and in case you buy them they will show up in their respective BEP20 wallet.

Learn More:

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@Alan47 Swap has not occurred after the approval , I have tried several times… What should I do ?

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Same problem but my ETH BEP-20 didnt receive coin after swap BNB to ETH.


I swap ~$50 BNB

Someone can help me?

This is not swap transaction. You added liquidity for ETH and BNB on PancakeSwap.