Swapping Chains in TW App.?

I’m using TW on an iPhone and am trying to use WalletConnect to connect to a bridge. It always shows “…may take a few seconds” and then “Connection Failed” after about 20 sec. I can connect it to Eth Chain wallets like Coinbase & Metamask but never TW.

My question is - can you manually change the chain in TW to the Eth network? (iPhone so no DApp Browser).


Hello, check this guide for an alternative:

Hi - thanks for the guide but the problem is still that the DApp needs to connect to an Eth chain, not BSC. In Metamask you can specify which chain you want to connect to. Can this be done in Trust Wallet?

What dApp are you trying to connect to?
At the upper right side, do you see any BSC icon?

It’s Tixl’s crosschainbridge. It works ok connecting to a wallet that is using the Eth chain, but not BSC.