Switching across Networks... really could use some help

Hello all,

I have seen people speak about this, and I spent roughly 3 wks watching videos and going through guides and still can’t figure this out.

I want to purchase BNB, convert to run on the BNS network, and then start using the swapping feature tog e coins that are not available ERC20 i.e. Cake, Venus, Cream, etc.

I am really struggling with this. Moved to Trust from Metamask bc of how convoluted the process was.

Are there any paid services through Trust where they can do a bit of hand holding with me until I get a few important key elements down. I fear working with independent contractors since I don’t code and I know they can take advantage.

Pls help!

Hi @WarAnon,

There are no paid services. Feel free to ask us here :+1:

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I would love to… but back and forth would be a poor use of time over i.e.e a zoom call.

I’m launching a digital media/blockchain company with its own currency but I am the not the techie of the group. I do some trading on the side and am losing out on so much opps by not being able to set up my trading desk and manage/monitor my portfolio. I need quick and easy access to BSC for swaps, how to manage NFTs (any deviation of ERC20) need to know the consensus on Blockfi v Nexo. IamDeadly… this stuff is likely so easy for you but has been driving me nuts trying to figure out he mechanics and understand some of he fundamentals on security, etc. Here’s my LinkedIn. If you can lend a hand, let’s come up with an arrangement and get it done this weekend. Thanks@

Here’s a guide: How to Trade with the Built-In DEX (Swap Option)

You can also use the DApp browser if you want to trade with more pairs in Pancakeswap and other AMMs for BSC.

You need to do your due diligence for that one.

//Will be sticking on Trust Wallet based questions.

Just got the answer how to add dapss. Now, to give the erc20 to bsc a go. thanks!

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