tokens were not bought money wasted

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commission was $ 100 ether
buying a 70 dollar coin (with uniswap commissions)
the total amount is 170 dollars.
sent to verify and buy.
an error occured hung! $ 100 was returned to the account, but $ 70 was not returned.

tell me one thing it’s not my fault, I did as it should be with everything agreed! they will return my 70 dollars more, which are hanging in the cancellation, because the total amount in my wallet was 170 $


@Rashid7 transaction fees is non-refundable it doesn’t matter if the transaction succeed or failed. That’s how blockchain works.

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Sy beli 4 aset krypto dua yg berhasil muncul dua lagi tidak muncul ( gamesiba dan lamden) mohon bantuannya, terimakasih🙏