Tried converting Safemoon to SavePlanetEarth Token now my money as disapppeared

Hi guys,

Wondering if you could help out here. Im new to this, but I bought Safemoon, and then later tried to transfer this to SPE. I copied contract numbers etc, and in my Safemoon transactions it states that the transaction is complete.

At this time, the SPE wallet was not in my trustwallet, and had to manually add this after the transaction.

But my money/tokens are still missing, I have transaction # numbers and which contracts it transferred to and from, but no idea where the funds/tokens are.

If anyone can help me find these it would be hugely appreciated.


To better assist, can you provide us the following information:

Trust Wallet app version

Crypto address

Transaction ID (if you have any)

Details about your issue

Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your help with this;

Trust Wallet App Version: 5.21 (5210)

Crypto Address - Not to sure what this would be. I have put the SPE (Recipient) 0xdBaAa36B347d56b77Ce0e36f050fCeEBbF9fbc38

Transaction ID - 0x7c2d405e7a981595fca9e642bddabc6a72ecc0761bf193722705870fc974725a
This also states that transaction was successful.

Issue - Tried to transfer tokens from Safemoon to SPE. States that transaction was succesful but I have no record of my SPE tokens anywhere, and the value has been taken out of my safemoon wallet.

Not too sure how to add screenshots of wallets, but will look in to this. Can you tell me which part of the wallet you want to see?

Thanks, really appreciate your help.


@AllyMAC from details you sent above, you directly transferred your tokens from your wallet to smart contract which is wrong, you should have use exchange to swap your tokens. Learn more here: What Is The DEX Inside Trust Wallet?

Contact SPE team to see if they can recover your tokens for you.

Yes, believe this is what I did in error.

Would that be the only next step to recover these?



Nothing we can do on our side, the only way is the one I suggested above.

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