Unstaking TRX issue

apparently I can’t embed media items on a post so I can’t attach a picture. Sorry.

Try to stake .412 TRX again to the same validator, even though the available amount is lower than the stated TRX. Wait for 3 days to fully unstake all of your TRX.

“Vote count must be greater than 0” It’s okay tho as long as I can unstake it. Thanks! I’ll update 3 days later if something wrong happened again.


я не получаю вознаграждения за стэйкинг, что происходит?

Hi @MILA777,

You don’t have any staking rewards to be claimed: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

я делал ставки 3 раза! по 3 дня ! - но вознаграждения не были получены ! почему


You need to select a validator to stake with so you can earn rewards. Follow this guide properly: How to Stake TRON (TRX) on Trust Wallet

я все так и делал ! 2 раза отправлял trx - ждал 3 дня ! но наград не получил !


Choose a different validator other than Sesameseed.

отправил на другой валидатор . через 3 дня отпишусь 1aa669ed442bd42feb45729a357bd9748a8583adb2c95aa7e042f129d779af49