Wallet Recovery Issue

Hello All,

Av got a little problem. I deleted my wallet and then reinstalled it. I used my seed please which av always had jotted somewhere. To my surprise, after reinstallation, my wallet address changed. I currently don’t have access to my former wallet. I double checked my passphrases, they never changed! I don’t know what had gone wrong. I need my former wallet back. Av got funds in it.


You need to be sure that the Recovery Phrase that you have is the one that holds your assets.
If after doing a Restore and the wallet does not contain anything, this means you have the wrong set of words.
Every Recovery Phrase will have it its own unique Multi-Coin Wallet.

Try to find the correct Backup to restore the original wallet.
You will not be able to gain access to your funds if you do not find the correct Recovery Phrase.

Please read through this article to learn more on how to keep your wallet safe:


You’re very right brother. Today, av been able to locate where I wrote the pass phrases to my very first trust wallet. I can now access my funds. A year already, I gave up but now am back.

Thanks a lot.

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Congratulations in finding the correct Recovery Phrase.
Make sure you backup your wallet and keep it some place handy just in case.