10 days now, stuck transaction

Hello, my transfer is pending for 10 days now, I am unable to cancel due to dust. I just re-imported my wallet and it doesn’t show pending transaction but my funds can still not be transferred due to dust. What do I do?

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Apologies for the inconvenience.

Please follow this guide to try and fix the issue: Unable to Send due to Dust Error

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Hello, I have read the article but I am unable to find solution in there. Can you please give a step by step guide to remove dust.


What can I do?

  1. Do not send very small transactions with a high fee. Since the network will attempt to create a UTXO from a small transaction, the transaction will fail.
  2. Send what is possible using Max Amount, with default fee setting. This will leave the small UTXOs, but send out the non-dust ones.
  3. If nothing more can be sent with default fee setting (only dust UTXOs exist), try sending with lowered fee. You can adjust the fee from the transaction confirmation screen. Warning: with low fee a transaction will take longer, sometimes even multiple days!