140 Million Safecoin not transfered


I transfered 1.4 billion safemoon coins but 140 million coins worth $1200 are missing. I tried to reach support as well but no result, is there someone who can help me

What was your slippage at? Or high gas fees? Did you max? Or did you have to change the last digit?

The problem is, in trust wallet it shows 1.4 billion coin xfered but when i check, 140 million less coins shows which are transfered. So i have the screenshot but how to contact trustwallet because these guys dont even reply

I will wait till Monday before i take any next action against them because this is crazy how $1200 just gone

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ok does anyone have the contact address of trustwallet, looks like i have to drag them to court

In the same boat, safemoon is glitched and im scared ill loose 1.5b coins.

I think 10% of safemoon get returned to the community every time they are bought/sold/transferred.

I dont understand what exactly is high gas…but i lost almost $1200 in value and i am not sure how to get it back

Transaction Fee:

0**.**00246367 BNB ($1.60)

Gas Limit:


Gas Used by Transaction:

492,734 (66.67%)

Gas Price:

0**.**000000005 BNB (5 Gwei)

10 Percent of coins get taken back when any trasaction occus, 5 percent get burnt and the other 5 go back to the current holders. This Is NOT a glitch or mistake.