1st Edition #dAppsDigest

We are excited to present the 1st edition of our #dAppsDigest for the Trust Wallet community. Each month, we’ll showcase five exceptional dApps that enhance your crypto experience and help you stay in the loop.

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In this edition, we explore some incredible projects and delve into informative guest articles to keep you informed and empowered. Let’s unveil this month’s dApps!

1. Francium

Francium is a DeFi yield strategy platform built on Solana that offers a variety of strategies for both users and strategy builders. In the article “How to Use Trust Wallet with Francium,” you will learn how to seamlessly connect and utilize Trust Wallet with the Francium platform on desktop. The step-by-step tutorial guides you in taking full advantage of the integrated farming experience and confidently farming or lending on the platform.

Read the guest article here


CIAN is a decentralized automation platform that focuses on helping users safely and efficiently earn from DeFi yield opportunities, primarily using liquid staking tokens (LST). By reading the article “Boost up your yields with CIAN on Trust Wallet,” you will learn how to seamlessly connect and utilize Trust Wallet with CIAN to optimize your crypto investments. The step-by-step guide walks you through connecting Trust Wallet to the CIAN platform, enabling you to take full advantage of the strategies and flexibility offered by CIAN to manage and grow your crypto portfolios.

Read the guest article here

3. Metavault DAO

Metavault DAO is a venture capital platform that redistributes 50% of its profits to its token holders and has recently integrated Trust Wallet to enhance its accessibility. In the guide “Trust Wallet Integration to Metavault DAO,” you’ll discover how to connect and use Trust Wallet with Metavault DAO, empowering you to take advantage of the platform’s features and benefits. The step-by-step instructions detail the process of linking your Trust Wallet to Metavault DAO, offering you a seamless experience of using Trust Wallet with Metavault DAO services.

Read the guest article here

4. Metavault Trade

Metavault Trade is a platform focused on providing accessible and innovative tools for the crypto ecosystem, and its recent integration with Trust Wallet further enhances its usability. By following the guide on connecting and using Trust Wallet with Metavault Trade, a perpetual DEX on Polygon, you will learn how to set up a Trust Wallet, connect it to Metavault Trade, and start trading using advanced features such as take profit/stop loss orders and trailing stop functions. This integration aims to offer users a more convenient and user-friendly experience with a reputable wallet provider, ultimately contributing to Metavault’s mission of mass adoption in the crypto ecosystem.

Read the guest article here

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Trust Wallet. We do not endorse any specific project mentioned in this article and are not affiliated with any of the projects or companies mentioned. The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only, and you are advised to do your own research before making any decisions.

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