20 XRP Activation fee

Why does the XRP network require a one - time 20 XRP activation fee in Trust wallet while it isn’t required in most Exchanges and Wallets?

Is the 20 XRP a minimum balance or threshold that must be left in the wallet.
Is it a charge paid and deducted from ones wallet?
Or is it just the minimum deposit to make before one can start to use the wallet address and thereafter withdrawable?

20 XRP may seem insignificant at the moment as the price is low but it will mean so much if for instance goes shoots up to $100.

Kindly shed more light on this for better understanding as it may dissuade some from using the Trust wallet XRP address for storing it.


To submit transactions, an address must hold a minimum amount of XRP in the shared global ledger. You cannot send this XRP to other addresses. To fund a new address, you must send enough XRP to meet the reserve requirement.

The current minimum reserve requirement is 20 XRP. (This is the cost of an address that owns no other objects in the ledger.) Each new account must set aside this much XRP, which cannot be recovered or sent to others.

To learn more about Reserve Balance head through :fast_forward: xrpl(dot)org/reserves (replace dot by . )


Thanks for explaining sir

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It’s not required on exchange, because they are already holding many xrp. Exchange it’s not your personal wallet. As I know, all walletes requires 20xrp.

More details you should find on Ripple’s website or whitepaper.

I never knew this before now, thanks. Am really learning a lot from this community

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XML also has its retention, like some currencies, as not all currencies can be purchased. the TWT can only be withdrawn if you have BNB to cover the free.

Does this fee have to be paid every time or just 1 time?

Hello @hbriggs,

One time only. It is necessary for the Ripple network in order to activate your wallet. For further information, please check: Reserves - XRPL.org

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