2019 -Africa Leads in Crypto Trading

2019 sees first Nigerian emerge one of the world’s top crypto traders.

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2019 sees first Nigerian emerge one of the world’s top crypto traders.

Nigerian investor and one of Africa’s most influential people in the CryptoCurrency Ecosystem, Gaius Chibueze, has once again showed the world that Nigeria can be on the list whenever Bitcoin or other crypto currencies are mentioned .

Chibueze who is popularly known as Bitcoin chief, was ranked among the top cryptocurrency traders in 2019 according to Binance traders rankings, a platform that is one of the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange.

According to Crypto TV Plus, the rank which was posted by the vocal Bitcoin advocate and founder of AbitNetwork on instagram showed he ranked above 97.00 percent of other traders on Binance. Huge right! This means that the Popular crypto evangelist traded millions of naira in crypto currency on the exchange with the highest volume.

“To be ranked amongst top traders on Binance is a good feeling knowing that I am living out my purpose and doing what I love best which is buying and selling,” Chibueze told BusinessDay Crypto analyst.

“Cryptocurrencies afforded me the opportunity of doing it from my house. My goal is to be the most profitable Bitcoin trader in the world by 2025″ he said.

According to the same screenshot shared via his Instagram handle, the total volume of trades entered all through the year was 100 percent Spot Trade. This meant that Gaius Chibueze didn’t utilize the futures or margin trading platforms owned by the leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Another screenshot also shared, puts him at a total completed trade of 894 of which he only accessed his account 35 times all through the year 2019.

Bitcoin Chief will hold several events in different countries this year with a Dinner meetup set to hold in Ghana on the 26th of January 2020. With the rise of Crypto millionaires and even billionaires in the past decade, bitcoin chief is set to put Nigeria on the map.



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