24 hours moonpay / Watch out


24 hours ago i bought BNB on moonpay. Payment is Still pending and NOT completed. it is extremely frustrating as i missed out 200% of gains…

Sended several emails which gets ignored.

Dont try to transfer other crypto to Trust unless BNB if you buy safemoon and so on. Dont do it.

You cant swap ETH and you cant swap BTC on Trust wallet. Dont waste money or time on it. already tried. It cost a HUGE amount of fees.


Going on 6hrs after initial btc buy confirmation, still showing $0 in my Trust account.

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Thanks for this info man. I was thinking on purchasing ETH and transfer to BNB. My moonpay is >24hrs now. I could have recover my initial fund if i have bought moonshare 24hrs ago.damn


Bought btc thru moonpay 27 hrs ago. Got the confirmation email from moonpay that my btc was sent to my wallet but it still doesn’t show

I’m now on 22 hours… very frustrating. If I had the bnb yesterday I would have won easily 1000 dollars… now I’m not even sure if I will get my 500 usd…

I wish I saw this earlier, sent 100 pound Bitcoin from coinbase, coinbase charges the fee and when it finally arrive in trust wallet the fee is nearly 600 dollar!!! So I basic got nothing!!! !

Also it’s been nearly 24 hr since I purchase bnb, still pending … don’t know what to do it’s so frustrating

I bought bnb sin yesterday and it’s already 28 hours but my transaction is still pending. They don’t even bother to reply to email. Where can we file a complaint about this? I’m already too late to buy some shitcoins

Hi guys, same problem here. Made a ourchase almoat 24hours ago and transaction is still in process, wtf is happening here? @TrustwalletHelp can somebody check with them? They do not even reply to emails

For me it took 28 hours until it arrived
In that time I had sent binance from another wallet and that’s approaching 24 hours and hasn’t arrived. Shouldn’t this be instant ? Or is it delayed as well ?

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I bought ETH this morning. Everything processed, bank charged, says crypto delivered. Still no coins. No response from Moonpay or TrustWallet. Seriously missing out on some gains here from Safemoon. Not ok. Has anyone else been able to resolve??

Pancake swap won’t see my bnb when I connect my trust wallet, but the bnb shows up on the DEX and is available??wtf