A question about beb2 to beb20

There is a question in my mind these days that I can’t answer. Binance informed the world about the beb2 sunset at several different times. It’s a fact!
My question as an amateur who only holds cryptocurrencies and doesn’t follow the news about crypto is why doesn’t Binance exchange automatically convert Beb2 assets into same-sex assets in Beb20؟
Even converting all people’s assets on the beb2 network to beb20 is a good solution and at least better than burning people’s assets!
Do you agree?

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@Razriz It would be impossible to swap peoples tokens to the BEP20 network since you only have access to your funds on a decentralized wallet and no one else.
Hence why an adequate timeline was given so assets can be swapped to the BEP20 network before the complete sunset.

I don`t see my bep2 coins in my wallets so how am I supposed to swap them before the beacon sunset ?
I sent a ticket twice but no response.

do you have any idea if it is possible at this moment to swap bep2 coins to bsc ?

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@lucidarma When creating a support ticket, ensure you provide as much details including screenshots and video recordings.
Also please don’t open multiple tickets as it increases your wait time.

tobi_72 sent me a mail saying the problem is coming from the node but do not explain how I can fix it ?
another tobi mail me to contact him on instagram ?

can you confirm to me if the beacon network is working or not on the wallet?

I have tried all 6 node but nothing change.

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@lucidarma Those are impersonators and not me, i won’t initiate contact elsewhere, please be careful.
I already told you to open a support ticket, I can’t provide support you’re looking for.