About 12 word and security

Hi guys,
I connected my wallet to scam mining sites
(I never didn’t share 12 word just connected wallet )
Yesterday I had added fund to my wallet
But I’m so stressed and I’m afraid.

Do they have my 12 word?
Could they receive my 12 word?

Please answer
I don’t have eth fee to move my funds

Hello @Iliam711,

As long as you never shared your recovery phrase, it’s safe. Also, do take note that if you gave them approval for your token to be spendable, then they can steal your tokens.

For BSC, you can revoke token approvals here: https://allowance.beefy.finance/ or https://bscscan.com/tokenapprovalchecker

For ETH, Token Approvals | Etherscan or TAC

Can you provide details on how to check if the token is spendable or not. Thank you very much

You can check it by entering your wallet address or by connecting your wallet to the sites that I have mentioned.