About DEFI Coins

Why are projects related to Defi currently in great demand by investors?
Maybe this is interesting to discuss.
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It is decentralised that’s why its demand high

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It is the trending development in crypto space. Changing our financial world.

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many coins that follow the trend to Defi …
do you think this thing will last long or only in passing .

ما در عصری زندگی میکنیم که واقعییت از هرچیزی
نزدیک تر جلوه میدهد و شاهد روزهایی هستیم که هر رویدادی را باور کنیم.و
نیز یکی از آن هزار رویداد جدید است…

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Please English sir… :pray::pray::grin::grin:

Defi provide liquidity which helps price move upward


How does DEFI works?:joy::grin:

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i dont know detail… but why much more demand find defi coin? what is make all people interested thia project???

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Thanks for the reply.