About Dusting Attack

Dear Admins,

I found an article about dusting attacks, I have experienced this several times on trustwallet. such as okex(Okb) manitosupertoken coins, and some other coins. When I Join the Airdrop And Before Finishing The Airdrop Task. I entered the Address Airdrop contract, the balance suddenly appeared in the TrustWallet. If This Is Dangerous Please TrustWallet Admin2 Can Make A Protection / Other So That Scammers Can Not Directly Enter The TrustWallet User Wallet. Thx

:warning:Guys!!! BEWARE​:warning:

There is something called “DUSTING ATTACK”

NEVER ever touch any unknown token that randomly appears in your wallet!

Hackers EMPTY your wallet. The scammers make it look like an “airdrop”.

PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL. This is starting to go around in some wallets.


Something called HashPanda, Cogicoin, and other random tokens. If you did NOT buy that token, and it just randomly appeared in your wallet it is a DANGEROUS DUSTING ATTACK!!

Go to your Trust wallet on the top right hand corner and DISABLE IT IMMEDIATELY!!

More info in this article: