About legacy and compatibility

Why don’t add 3 buttons in each crypto, for example BTC will be one button like there is now and other 2 buttons with the name compatibility and legacy with his respective address, for example I had a problem today with a crypto plataform, it doesn’t accept litecoin with the address started with LTC but it accept address started with M and if I need to add my LTC address I need another crypto wallet, thanks


Please provide more details so that I can help you

for example in trust wallet the LTC address start with ltc, but there is a another ltc address started with M who is Compatibility and Legacy with L, I needed to install coinomi wallet because there is a site where doesn’t accept LTC address started with ltc but with M yes, Greetings

Another service in crypto who doesn’t compatibility with trust wallet because she doesn’t have compatibility and legacy mode but that service is compatibility with coinomi wallet because it has those mode, I want to use only trust wallet but I need to use coinomi for the other services

For example, this is about what I was writing