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First of all, I’m not admin here. Just an ordinary members that just recently joined.
Many of you maybe never bought a crypto using a credit card. Majority of us, bought cryptos directly via exchanger using spot price. Just to make things clearly, that Trust Wallet, as far as I know, is using third party for payment processing, so it could featured payment using CC on Trust Waller.

The drawback of using third party for payment processing, is a quite high fee. That third party charges you. And also, the price often using OTC price, the same goes like you go to money changer in airport to change it to local currency if you travel.

I’ve seen many members complaining a lot both in this forum and in telegram channel about this. And I hope this topic could help you understand. Also would like you to know that Trust didn’t charge the fee for transaction that you made with your CC.

Please correct I’m mistaken. Thanks


So how can we buy crypto using trust wallet without using credit card? Or is there any other option to buy crypto without using credit card? Thanks admin.

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You got it right there with regards to charges. Moon Pay charges a fee for buying crypto. It is a minimal fee mind you, though I did not know you could get crypto “free” per say.

That is a good point as well and would like to know the answer to that.

Well said mate @Marvelet


alright, i think you are quite right about this almost everyone is complaining of the high fee but transaction that are made with cc is quiet better thanks

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Reff yet got 250 twt

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Yes it is easier for ordinary people non trading person.

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