About trust wallet

trust wallet is best in crypto world.
its dapp system make it strong consept.
its team is very hardwork who make it best and trusted wallet
many er20 token are add in wallet and you add manuly any erc20 token…
its smart chain dapps are very papoular and trusted and easy to use…
many difi token buy and sell in dapps…
this is a100% trusted and secure wallet in crypto world…
i like it…


You are very correct.
Its dapp features is very easy to understand
I enjoy swapping on Bswap, pancakeswap, uniswap with it
Above all, your funds is SAFU


@sajjad0084 yes you are correct
I think :thinking::thinking: the dapp features is very very easy to understand easily


I would appreciate it however if trust wallet included it’s brand in more social media

how do guys swap busd to any crypto currency? I tried everything… like busd to bnb and i even tried putting it back to binance. any ideas?
thank you

I am missing my BNBS from trust wallet can someone please help no one reply’s to my emails from trust wallet??

Trust told me to transfer 5 BNBS so they can sort the transfer I was told 1 hr it’s been 2 days




Hey, very true ! As I was reading its review I found on CoinPedia,

Trust Wallet is an easy to use crypto wallet which is loaded with multiple features. It supports most of the cryptocurrencies which makes it a viable option for those who invest in multiple cryptocurrencies. It is user-friendly and thus even the novice in this market can use this wallet.
It is safe and secure. You can use the private keys to have more control over your wallet and make it more secure.