Access Sorare with Trust Wallet

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a global fantasy football game where you can play with officially licensed digital cards, called Sorare Cards and earn prizes every week.

See what our senior writer, Alex Lielacher has to say about Sorare in this DApp journey article.

A Sorare Card is a digital collectible that represents a football player and is tied to a specific football season. They have a fixed supply, that is why they are highly sought out by football fans. The cards are freely tradeable and usable in an open world of different applications and games.

Sorare’s 5-a-side fantasy football game called SO5 (short for Sorare5), allows users to assemble a team of 5 Cards and earn points depending on the performance of players in real life football matches.

More information can be found here:

Setup an Account with Trust Wallet

We will show you how you can easily create an account with Sorare using Trust Wallet. Open the DApp browser and then manually type,

Tap on Log In at the upper right, then go to the Sign Up section. Fill in all required details.

After putting all your information, put a check mark in order to agree to the terms, then hit Submit. Finish the account setup by opening the confirmation link that was sent to your email.

Next, go back to the Log In menu and type in your email and password. You are all set.

Deposit ETH

The DApp site will automatically generate a wallet where your cards will be stored. Tap the 3 lines on the upper left to show your wallet. Right now there is nothing on it.

After putting some ETH on the wallet, it will be shown as an external balance. Indicate the amount of ETH then tap on Deposit to continue.

Type in your Password then hit Submit. The Trust Wallet app will ask you to Confirm the transfer. Tap on Send to submit the transaction on the ETH network. You have successfully deposited ETH to your Sorare account.

Place your Bids!

Go back to the main screen and then choose the cards you want to bid on.

After tapping on the Bid button, the auction will start. You can always Increase your bid if you want to. Once the time expires and you are the highest bidder, then you will get to own this Sorare card.