Accidentally sent Ethereum token to Coinbase

I accidentally sent ethereum token from trust wallet to my coinbase account. The fund isn’t accepted and I want to recover my ethereum token. Please advise

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did you get this resolved? i did the same thing!!
2 transactions of over $7k eth token to eth coinbase

Never got it resolved, coinbase doesn’t view the transaction from their side. trust wallet hasn’t responded, Binance said to go through coinbase.

Coinbase says they’re setting up a feature for this in the future but nothing as of yet. If you figure out a way, please let me know, i"ll do the same =/

I sent Ethereum token to my Ethereum adress on shakepay. Kinda sound like the same problem. I wish there is a way to retreive it, is there any?

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I did the same thing today. Send Ethereum Token to Ethereum on my Coinbase Wallet. I’m guessing everyone who did this is still having issue and can’t access their fund? I submitted a ticket and Trust Wallet just told me there is nothing they could do and only the receiver can send it back. Since Ethereum Token isn’t on Coinbase Wallet, there is nothing I can do either, but just hoping that Coinbase will added Ethereum Token so I can get my fund.

@Silk1 @brandonolson I had no idea this was a. Issue. I did the same. Has anyone been able to get this resolved?

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