Account compromise

Is possible for someone to gain access to your trustwallet if they hack into this community.trustwallet website?

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Hi @Nzubemush,

No, it is not possible. Your recovery phrase is not linked to this community forum.

It is difficult because the retrieval words are with you only and not give them to anyone

Someone hacked into the website, hours later, same day, My funds were sold on uniswap for eth and transferred out.


To make things clear once again, your recovery phrase is not linked to the website. Also, this site is not compromised. You must have reused the same passwords or you have a malware on your device.

Dear Trusteer, if your Trust Wallet was tampered with, it simply means your Recovery Phrase was compromised.

Definitely, it has nothing to do with the Community/ Website.

Alright thanks.
Just trying to figure out how it was compromised.

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Please, check whether you at anytime, wrote it somewhere another person had access to.

It could be your phone, piece of paper, website, used a cyber cafe system/ any other public system (like office) and did not log off properly. Etc…

Thanks. It’s hard to figure out, but I’m suspecting what you said.