Account Freeze Warning from Trust Wallet

I was sent a notice that claims to be from Trust Wallet that says the following:

If you don’t update your information by December 19th, Trust Wallet will freeze my account information and only allow withdawls:

Message: Dear customer,

Your account is missing some info that we need to collect in order to comply with financial regulations. Please take a moment and confirm your info today.

If you don’t confirm by December 19, 2023 your account will be limited to withdrawals only.

Here’s what you need:

Government-issued photo ID
The latest version of the Trust Wallet

Is this email from Trust Wallet. The link does not look like it should be from Trust Wallet and I get a warning when I try to access. I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


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@Dniven2021 That’s a scam, please ignore such messages.
Trust wallet is decentralised and doesn’t require your ID neither can your transactions be restricted as you have total control.