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I am trying to swap my DOGE for BUSD. My main wallet on the Trust Home Screen shows my DOGE but when I try to swap it says balance is zero. And if I click swap I get the following message “Account not found 404”. My app is up to date and I refreshed my wallet too. Please help me swap as I’d like to buy Safemoon.


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Am having same issue too with sending BNB on my second wallet, it’s giving error account not found error 404, what’s the way out of this issue? Really need this solved :pleading_face:

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@Raptors_Fan, native DOGE cannot be swapped to other cryptos using the app. You need to deposit it on exchanges.

@Cravingod, account 404 means you don’t have any BNB (BEP2) or BEP2 tokens yet in your wallet.

How do I append screenshot of the wallet to the post…
These amount I received can’t be just hollow figures

here’s is wallet

Address bnb1gltp8jj55cxtl9s9arjt3rlaug23ln8fgul92f

Is this your second wallet? It does not match the screenshot that you sent (the balance of this one is currently 0.003 BNB):

Please send a screenshot of the issue as well as the address of the sending wallet.

Only to find out that it was a trust wallet issue, I sent $1 BNB to the address and the balance on the previous screenshot was cleared.

The app will show an error (account not found 404) if you do not have BNB in the first place. It is intended, not an issue. Anyways, glad to know everything is fine on your end. Cheers.

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