ADA price increase

Among digital currencies, a currency called Cardano has many fans. Do you think the price of Cardano will increase due to its popularity or not?


I think the price of Cardano will reach $ 10 by 2022.


ADA has a good future, I think its price will increase when the project reaches its final goal in 1 or 2 years. Trust in this project is important because its developers are scientists committed to developing a good cryptocurrency protocol, better than Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The project progresses a bit slow because each new feature is reviewed by various groups of scientists looking bugs, stability, and good function. Maybe in the next 2 year it reaches $20. 00 USD, and in 5 years $100.00 USD. I Trust in this project.


ADA is excellent to invest in the medium or long term, without a doubt its value will take off

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yes;;;; but it grows slow; if u can investissment in long term must be good idea


If only you could be right about Ada reaching 10$, I’ll be damn rich :joy: