Add 2FA to Trust Wallet

I don’t use any other wallet for my Crypto except Trust Wallet. I have used Trust Wallet for more than 5 years and the experience keeps getting better.


I use Authy, very good Authenticator


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Have you lost your wallet seed too? if you had your wallet seed you can restore that wallet. Am i wrong?

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2FA + an option to logout from browser and autodelete history from time to time. Like you select to delete history after 30 min or 10 …Trust Wallet not safe, for real. Dev team asleep…

Isn’t it obvious why TrustWallet needs a mobile authenticator option added? With all the scam issues unfortunately where people give out their seed phrases or pw due to an increasing professional network of spammers setting up fake websites, Telegram channels that are double the size of the official coin channels and fake support reaching out, this would make sure they don’t empty your wallet despite using your seed phrase.

I am astonished they call it “Trust” Wallet while based on the number of scams and issues, there is certainly not much trust from my end in TrustWallet, MetaMask and co.

If they would have had 2FA / Google Authenticator from the start I would have not lost my funds because I would get notified to accept the transaction.


Existing security is only good for preventing people to access the app with my phone, it cannot stop hackers from gaining control of my trust wallet. Hacker deposited eth and used that to pay gas fee to move my coins without my permission. And I had the bio scan security turned on. Can we get 2FA for all withdraw?


I agree. It’s not enough to just have an additionally wall to break down with the same sledgehammer before entering the app. It’s better to allow users to set up a second source for authentication which will help protect funds from being stolen if they get a hold of the key.


2FA should exist on a per transaction basis! This is a lot of money some people are dealing with! Please provide additional barriers for hackers.

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Absolutely! Even just an email link confirmation on a per transaction basis! Like when people from withdraw from coinbase or binance etc!

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@trustwalletuser123 thanks for suggestions, but Trust wallet is decentralized non-custodial wallet that means it doesn’t store users information on servers. Everything is controlled by you and you have full access to your wallet. Adding 2FA will need the data to be stored on server and that will no longer be decentralized non-custodial wallet.

Here are some tips that may help further enhance the security of your funds: