Add address book (whitelist)

Add address book (whitelist). I thought about the black list, but scammers send out dust from different addresses, so the black list does not matter, and an address book with a wallet address and name would be great.


I support this suggestion. Very useful to have address book, and even better to allow adding labels to wallets’ address.


This is not only desirable it is a glaring omission. Having to post in addresses from emails is a huge pain. Also the lack of a whitelist with a time delay to change it is a massive security risk. Guys you need to sort this out or I will have to look elsewhere. This is a shame because Trust Wallet has great features.


I need help please. before 10 hours I send ETHEREUM from trust wallet to OKEX but Its not receive yet? and the address is courect !

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I am wondering if it is possible to set up whitelisted addresses in advance with option to set time delay before crypto can be sent? This could be very useful in the case of being held at gunpoint for example and forced to send crypto to the extortionist.


Hello @Harrywho
That feature isn’t available on the Trust app but there is a Address book option where you can input addresses of contacts you often send to.

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Ok Tobi, thankyou for your reply. I think this would be a good feature to add for extra security.


There also needs to be other features that make checking addresses on block explorer much more easily. Such as during the signing step.