Add Clear Payment History Feature

Today is 21 December 2019 but I ever sent 10 DOGE with a fee of 2 DOGE. I don’t have 2 DOGE at the moment I made the Payment, so the Payment still marked as pending but its not processed even when i have more DOGEs coming to my wallet.

I need a Feature that can delete payment history (one by one/mass)


The transaction history is something that we cannot modify because this is permanent on the DOGE blockchain.
You can try to reimport the wallet to clear any pending transactions that is being displayed on the app. Just make sure you have a backup of your Recovery Phrases first.

Hi Zach you are in the trust team, i have a problem many scammer in fb, and i gave my recovery phrase. Can you help me please ? I dont know who contact here…

We have no way to help if your have already exposed your Recovery Phrase.
If you still have funds on it, then move them out of the wallet.
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