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I think in this community you need to make a choice of language, my English is bad even though there is a Google translation but sometimes I find it difficult to communicate


but we better learn to discuss in English, because the members here understand better :grinning::wink:


Science and electronics talk english, finance too, so better use this opportunity to learn it better. I’m not native english too, but still its cool to use it, because, as you say many more people not native to it use it to communicate all over the world.


English is international. You can do translate

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A good idea I hope will apply soon

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Am guessing the forum app must have a solution to this, but I believe you can create a topic using your language, when a member of the community who understands the language joins, they will be glad to have a solution in their own language.

Yeah same I’m a Filipino who speaks Filipino Language and it’s difficult for me too to communicate to others who speaks English Language because I’m not very good at speaking English and that’s the only choice I have if I speak my own language here you cannot understand. Sometimes I use translator when I forgot the English of it and there’s no problem with that because that’s the way to improve your Skills at speaking other languages and yeah that’s all :blush:

Just try and try and try until you make it :+1:

Any contemporary browser app have a solution: You go to google, then to google transleter, then from it browse this site) Or you can download addon to your browser that will bring translate button in browser menu) So if you want - you already have all tools.

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