Add Sorting feature on wallet

I suggest to include sorting function on the wallet so we could sort tokens in chronological order and it’ll be not hard for us to find ones we will use. Also, can you please add a hide wallet option? I have imported quite a number of wallets and I want to hide some of them those I am using for staking coins. One button wallet switch will also be helpful. You may add a dropdown button on top of balance so we could change the wallet more conveniently. Thanks


The hiding feature would be very useful indeed.

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sounds nice, simple and effective!

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I absolutely agree. I would love to be able to sort by “% change” , “Price” , “Amount”

I specially went to the forum to write about it. I support sorting by tickers and names, hiding wallets. I ask the developers to add a display of the blockchain for tokens or a coin status on the main page.

Yeah really frustration having to scroll down sometimes