Added a wrong contract address

Hello Tobi,

I tried to create a new thread but I don’t know how.

I hit an issue with wrong Contract Address with CHZ. It is my issue in dealing with the token, but unfortunately it was the CHZ (ERC20) that came preconfigured from your end; and with the potential of thousands of other users falling prey if CHZ should catch on.

Your preset token (once again, provided and configured from source) has the address 0x1C147d1183a2998c36B4e69dd62594E21D3f52b6 while the correct address as confirmed by Bard is 0x5f228519268326d26341f54d3f0e01352f856486.

I have already contacted Trust Wallet support and hope to hear back from them soon.


Hello @niyid
When you added the token manually, what contract address did you use?

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Please delete this thread. I was mistaken. Sorry for the inconvenience.