Adding a secondary Trust Wallet account to Metamask - possible?


I’m looking for a workaround for importing a secondary Trust wallet account to Metamask. A while back, I’ve added one of my Trust wallets accounts to Metamask with no problems, but adding a secondary one seems impossible. The only way to import another account to Metamask, is by adding the Private key/JSON file, both which are not provided by Trust wallet (bcs. of using the mnemonic phrase security option).
Using the recovery option is not working either, because it overwrites the initial wallet, and in the end I still end up with only one of my Trust Wallet accounts.

Is there a workaround for this issue? It would be very useful to have access to multiple Trust wallet accounts, via one single Metamask account.

*Image of importing options in Metamask - Seed/mnemonic is missing:

Thanks, have a good one!

Thank you, but it does not work. It looks like only one single account/wallet can be added to Metamask via seed phrase. As I mentioned in the post, restoring one wallet overwrites the other. I need to have two of my Trust Wallets at the same time in my Metamask, which seems impossible…

i have a similar but a different problem. I linked my Trust wallet with Metamask (on Chrome), and now want to ‘unlink’ it as it seems that Metamask might have been ‘compromised’. According to your message, if I understand correctly, if I link my Trust wallet ‘anew’ with a new/different Metamask wallet, it overwrites the ‘compromised’ one? Thank you!

Hello @Ima1 Please read and understand this:

Learn more about how to protect your cryptos and new wallet:

ok, thank you. I created a new wallet by clicking on +. Will eventually delete my compromised wallet as there isn’t much there anyway :frowning:

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