Aerodrome Coin Price not showing up in Trust Wallet


Just received some Aerodrome tokens (on Base network) and the current price of the token alongside the current balance is not showing in the trust wallet app. The only thing showing is the amount of tokens I received.

Since Aero is listed on CoinMarketCap, the price is supposed to be shown in the app. Therefore I assume this is a bug that’ll be fixed soon.

Just wanted to let the support staff know about the problem and see if anyone has any timeframe for when it’ll get fixed.

Thanks in advance for your help,

@Pouyamysterince That token may be a new token, they’d need to get in touch with the Trust wallet team regarding this.

It is a 3 month old coin, the interesting part is the coin’s stats and even links to official website, CMC, etc is available in the “more info” section in the app, but at the bottom it says “no price data available”, although the price is shown in the linked CMC website.

@Pouyamysterince It may be an error but the team would need to contact the Trust wallet team.