Aion value is missing

Dear trust wallet team .
My Aion value is not showing in the wallet since two days . I know it it still not transferee out but the value show zero coin . I tried to reinstall the app many times and use the VPN , refresh but it didn’t work . Please assist me to get back my coin


I have same problem , i don’t see my aion in my trust wallet
My aion address 0xa0fd125bad21dbfbb7877305c859a8dd240ce92ab41628c0fa01df03207721aa
Transaction Hash

Please help me


I see many complains most of it regarding Aion coin . The trust wallet team shall assist to recover our money


I have same problem too please help us trust wallet!
I received my Aion but not showing value

Hi, i have the same problem
I can see my transaction detail but trust wallet doesn’t show the value and number of coins

I don’t know why trust wallet team is not resolving this issue yet , we need a real feedback on our funds .

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Have someone had support from trust wallet? Why they do not supporting us with this issue

My Aion are still missing and no support yet from trust wallet team , hopefully we can return our money back

Finally with mew updates of Trsut wallet I have my Aion money back . Thanks trsut wallet team

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Hi What did you do to have back your money. Can you please share with me ?

There is a recent update to the App . I just update the App and then automatically the value of the Aion Appear in my wallet

Okay Perfect I managed too! Thank you Alaa21 and thank you trust wallet!!

Hi have you had any support or fixed the problem? Can you please answer me.
Thank you

Hi , the issue is completely resolve . My Aion coin was disappeared since a week but only today with the recent update of the App it was shown and I was able to transfer it from the wallet .
All good now