Airdrop, Bounty (Such as TWT) How it works

It would be appropriate to start by defining the keywords.

Airdrop; in the world of cryptocurrency, airdrop can be defined as a type of crypto distribution where free coins/token are sent to multiple digital wallets either by virtue of holding a certain other token or simply by virtue of being an active wallet address on a particular blockchain.

Bounty; This refers to a reward posted by a group or individual to incentivize certain work, behavior (such as referrals), or development.

Many people don’t really seem to understand how these things work and whenever they join a project they ask, how to withdraw, how to cash :thinking: and stuff like that; when they haven’t even done anything in support of the project. Some even go to the extent of trying to manipulate the system. Wow! Unfortunately that is not how it works, you should not expect to get rewarded without fulfilling the required terms and conditions.

I hope that made sense.
Stay tuned for more update.


Great explanation sir. I have a little information of airdrop and other now


I call it free money. I do participate in some. Many are fake


this online world, we have the combination of both real and scam. try to avoid the airdrops which ask you to pay first. some trusted airdrop also there. Always review first


It is very true that some are fake but a close look at the project that is offering such will be indicative of a well harnessed program to scam…

Any airdrop project that is tailored to collect money from you should be closely investigated as that is a clear sign of fake airdrop. By their fruit you shall identify them.

Always remember to do your own research (DYOR) before partaking.


Good explanation keep sharing


U pour it all, it is the best explanation ever, expecting more from you


The more you and invest while using your Trust Wallet account the more you can earn TWT. Referrals are also a good bonus for TWT


Simply I can say it free token giving for working with them as refer.

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I’ve done several airdrops and giveaways and I have made little bucks in some.
Meanwhile, some are not genuine and some projects were ignored by the devs.
But, TWT giveaway is the best and will definitely alleviate poverty.