Alan Need your help , I did'nt received my coin almost 2month

let me explain the detail , 2 month ago i just transfer my BNB from trust wallet to binance ,
i have 3 wallet store my bnb
my 1st wallet : 0x19c30384f6a5438ecae53bf322edd423159f077d
my 2nd wallet : 0x5cdcae9b182f0a397bcfdb11fb6ee08f6e4875c7
my 3rd wallet : 0x2824d5f9dae39ef1370ff4d69713a2aab9c4882e

i transfered my bnb in total : 3.602 BNB
to : 0x9ee34be3a6ec0f64171eefd7a114998b48e685e0

if i’m not wrong i just transfered BEP20.

this is the hash

i just open my binance account and don’t see my asset .
can you explain to me what this happend?
maybe i just transfer with wrong network ? or something ?

i don’t know how to contact Trust wallet like others write on community , cause i can’t post like others . hopes you read my messages .

@alan please help me out


Hello @ChristleeZhu if transaction completed and you are very sure you input correct receiver address, you have to contact Binance for support on your deposit issue.

i just contact binance. but the ask me to ask twt .
what is mean - out : [BSC: Token Hub]
alan did i just transfer on wrong network ? or something else?
or maybe you can help me to check this is address is belong to someone else?
please look at the 0x9ee34be3a6ec0f64171eefd7a114998b48e685e0 address . i don’t know how to read or track the transaction

@ChristleeZhu from your explanation, you told me that the address you mentioned above is from Binance. That’s why I told you to contact them.

Now I have to ask you, who made the transaction? If it is you, where did you get the destination address where your funds transferred to?

That means crosschain swap from BEP20 to BEP2.
Here’s transaction: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Destination BEP2 address:

Then it was transferred out to another address: Dex Explorer

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Then it was transferred out to another address: Dex Explorer.
so 3.2 bnb out from that address?

@ChristleeZhu if you are sure that it is from Binance why don’t you screenshot your Binance receiver address and attach to them.

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it was change for now . and they told me the address never change.
alan47 sorry to take your time buddy.
but what is your assume with this condition . i really don’t get it .
like the address 0x9ee34be3a6ec0f64171eefd7a114998b48e685e0 is active address or belong to someone ? if so , my address already out from 0x9ee34be3a6ec0f64171eefd7a114998b48e685e0 ?
i just blank out don’t know what to do.

@ChristleeZhu there is nothing we can do from our side. Transactions can’t be reversed or cancelled.

I have been trying to send an urgent support ticket but I get an error message around the captcha. Also being a new users I think I am unable to start a new topic.
if you cannot help with the following could you please please put me in touch with someone who can? thank you

I am desperate to try and stop almost 20 BNB be stolen from my wallet! The scammer managed to steel my Sdao, Agix and UST (Trust wallet) and ada from my Atomic wallet

My BNB were staked, so I note the scammer has unstaked them but ( I think) has not been able to with draw them because of the 7 day lock out rule. How can I reverse these transactions with the validators? Or at least prevent the coins disappearing from my wallet once they are released from the staking.
I don’t know what I can do. Please help

thank you you can close this conversation.
i just told my friend
and he said my asset flow from
heres :


Sorry to hear about your recent experience. Here are the possible reasons:

  1. You shared your 12 words (via phishing, social engineering, etc.);

  2. You saved your 12 words in a very bad place;

  3. Your device is corrupted with malware;

  4. Someone had physical access to your device;

  5. You entered your recovery phrase on a fake/clone app.

  6. You transacted with a malicious DApp.

Unfortunately, confirmed transactions at blockchain are irreversible.

Please read and understand this:

Learn more about how to protect your cryptos and new wallet: