Am I being scammed ? Defi Farming pool

A few weeks ago, I received on WhatsApp an invitation to join a “Binance” group that was launching a new farming pool. Around 200 people are in the discussion, and about 10 to 15 individuals were engaged in discussions about cryptocurrencies and this new launch pool. Two individuals claimed to be admins and were offering advice on cryptocurrency matters, including how to connect to the newly established farming pool to earn a daily income of at least 1% with a starting investment of 1000 USDT, equating to a daily income of $10.

As the conversation progressed among the group without my active participation, I began to think that it was a natural discussion between people, and, if something was scam, one of them would have say it. But instead they were sharing screens just like the one bellow, showing that the process is working and giving them benefits.). Despite my reservations, I decided to message one of the admins to inquire about joining the pool. The person kindly assisted me, guiding me to download TrustWallet and transfer 1000 USDT to it. Then, I was instructed to connect my TrustWallet via the dApp browser to a specific URL:

Following these instructions, I connected my wallet, and everything appeared to proceed smoothly without any noticeable transactions or indications of potential risks to my funds. After waiting for a day, I noticed a profit of 10 USDT in my wallet. Simultaneously, the admin suggested that I click on a button labeled “Advanced Mining Pool” on the central page to stake my coins, promising twice the benefits for a certain period.

I followed the instruction and clicked the button, only to find that all my USDT had been transferred to another address: 0xdAEE6D50be102959D62735958Ee97A4fD0288c9e - historique d'adresses ethereum, explorateur de graphiques et de soldes - Ethplorer. This address now held 2K USDT, double the amount I initially invested. It seemed plausible that this doubling of funds was related to the promised double benefits. However, I hadn’t explicitly consented to this staking; I merely clicked the button, and my tokens were transferred.

On the dApp interface, these tokens are now listed as “Advanced Farming Pool” (Locked tokens) instead of “wallet balance” directly connected to my trustwallet amount.

Now, I find myself questioning: Is this all a scam? Could scammers have gone to such lengths as to orchestrate a seemingly genuine discussion among multiple individuals talking together for weeks, only to deceive unsuspecting participants? In an attempt to clarify, I reached out to one of the members, who confidently asserted the legitimacy and security of the pool. However, my limited understanding of these emerging technologies, coupled with my inherently skeptical nature, continues to cast doubt on the credibility of this venture.

As things stand, my coins are now “locked” for a duration of “30 days,” initiated by my selection of the default staking period. I wonder if I’ll ever regain access to them. Does anyone have insight into what’s truly happening here? Is this a clear-cut scam, or is there more nuance to the situation?

My frustration extends to TrustWallet. Why hasn’t the dApp browser been fortified with robust security measures and verification protocols to weed out potential scam projects? Furthermore, why does a simple button press within the dApp interface lack any form of confirmation prompt? It seems unjust that I, as a user, have no opportunity to approve or deny transactions before they’re executed.

It’s worth noting that I never disclosed any sensitive information beyond my wallet address; therefore, these individuals don’t possess my secret phrase. But what’s the use of emphasizing the importance of keeping this information secure if it ultimately fails to provide adequate protection?

Perhaps I’m mistaken, and this is a legitimate endeavor. Maybe my coins are simply tied up due to staking, hence their absence from my TrustWallet. However, doubts persist, leaving me uncertain about the true nature of this situation.
If anyone has any idea of what I should do, i’ve ears open.
Anyway, I’ll keep uptodate this topic to tell you if yes or no I’ve been scamed, then maybe it could warn other people so they can shack their brain in time to not get fooled.

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@BlindMonkey That’s 100% a scam, please stop using that wallet and create a new one.
There’s nothing like a Binance staking pool happening on whatsapp.
Learn more:

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So there is no way I can get back the tokens ? Now they just wait for me to do more mistakes right ?

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@BlindMonkey No your tokens are most likely gone.

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Well I guess evey lesson in life has a cost,
I learned;
Thanks for your answers