7 Essential Steps to Keep Your Crypto Wallet Secure

With advancement in technology our world has changed for the better, but it has added an increased personal responsibility of maintaining our online security. Today we see an ever growing crypto phishing attempts where bad actors are trying to scam the innocent.

Wondering what are the best practices to adhere to safeguard your precious crypto currency assets? Let’s take a look here as how to stay safe and protect your funds.

1. Start with a Secure Foundation for Your Wallet

Make sure your device is free of any malware and never install Trust Wallet onto a rooted device. To make sure you are always using an authentic version of Trust Wallet, you should download the App exclusively from the links provided on our website: trustwallet.com

2. Never Share Your Recovery Phrase or Private Key with Anyone

Your funds are only as secure as you keep your recovery phrase, never share it with anyone. Keeping them secret and secure is of utmost importance to protect your wallet from any unauthorized access.

3. Keep a Copy of Your Recovery Phrase Offline

Always keep a copy of your recovery phrase stored offline! Writing it down on a piece of paper is the easiest solution. If you want something more durable then paper, we recommend you to take a look at CRYPTOTAG and their products. An encrypted text file, stored inside a USB drive, also works. With the help of a “Password Manager” you can save a digital backup of your recovery phrase (and any other password you choose) into a single encrypted file that you can store on one - or multiple - USB drives.

4. Divide and Protect Your Assets. Keep it Cold, Keep it Hot

Use cold storage or hardware wallets to store large amounts of your crypto and for your daily needs & for smaller amounts, you can use hot wallets such as Trust Wallet.

5. One Wallet, One Recovery Phrase

Do not use your same recovery phrase for different wallets. Best practice is to always use one recovery phrase for one wallet.

6. There Is No Reset or Recovery Process. Always Keep a Backup

Remember to always keep a backup copy of your recovery phrase. In the event your phone is broken, stolen, lost or the app is accidentally deleted, your wallet can always be restored on a different phone using the recovery phrase. There is no reset or recovery process; lose your phrase and you lose your funds with it!

7. Layer Up, Enable Passcode or Touch/Face ID

To make sure only you have access to your Trust Wallet mobile app, make sure to add a second layer of authentication such as Passcode or Touch/Face ID to access your funds on your Trust Wallet. This prevents any bad actors accessing your wallet in case you lose your mobile device or just left it at the table while getting a cup of coffee for yourself. Here is a guide for iOS and Android.

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