Amount roocoin not shown

Swapping my wbnb for roocoin, why I didn’t receive my roocoin?
Transaction id: 0x2debccdbfd2f7e8e6ef7b81926d6552d80b5638d8e83b7779e9d99b9d44f74d6

Trust wallet version: 2.12

My trust wallet adress: 0xe5A94a7ecBE3f7D96560480491Fb0d33088e7cEf

Need help.
Thank you

Hello @Mezzi
You swapped your WBNB for 0 Roocoin tokens
Please check:

No, i swap wbnb for 15000 roocoin but i didn’t know why the amount sent to another address?

What dApp did you use to swap? Where did you find the link? Can you provide the screenshot?

It’is trust wallet dapp.
I didn’t know if roocoin token is a scam or not.

I suggest you to read and understand on tokenomics of any project before investing.