Android Enhancements, Cross-Chain Swaps & New Blockchain Support

Android Enhancements, Cross-Chain Swaps & New Blockchain Support

Here come some fantastic updates we can’t wait to share with you. So, let’s dive right in…

:iphone: Speed up or cancel transactions
:wrench: Get help & support with our new Chat GPT-powered chat support bot in Android & iOS
:apple: iOS gets a boost with 10,000+ EVM tokens & extended cross-chain swaps
:bridge_at_night: Stride (STRD) & Neutron (NTRN) also come to iOS
:arrows_counterclockwise: WalletConnect connectivity improvements

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Speed up or cancel transactions

You can now speed up or cancel transactions, making it more convenient to manage them.

Hassle-free help with the new ChatGPT-powered chat support bot

Get help and support like never before with the newly added chat support link in settings. Simply Tap “Settings” from the main wallet screen → Select “Support” → then ask the support bot your question.


Swap 10,000+ EVM tokens in Trust Wallet

You can now swap any of our 10,000+ available EVM tokens in Trust Wallet, elevating your iOS experience.

Extended cross-chain swaps via ThorChain

We’ve integrated more blockchains for cross-chain swaps with ThorChain, including AVAX, DOGE, LTC, ATOM, and BCH.

Stride (STRD) and Neutron (NTRN) blockchain support

Now you can access Stride and Neutron on both Android and now iOS! Also, enjoy STRD staking.

WalletConnect connectivity improvements

We’ve made enhancements to WalletConnect, ensuring smoother connectivity and better integration.

Enjoy a seamless wallet experience.

ChatGPT-powered support bot

The new chat bot powered by ChatGPT is available in both Android and iOS.

Browser Extension

For the Trust Wallet Browser Extension, we’ve added support for the Memos in BNB chain, in addition to a number of stability and usability enhancements.

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