Any tips how to safe a presale on compromised Trust wallet?

Question: I use “Wallet A” and “Wallet B” to explain easier.

Wallet A are compromised during a “beginner fault” giving away 12 recovery phrase in a scam presale. Tokens were sweeped and now I’m wondering how to safe the smart contract to a presale linked to the compromised wallet. I have read how scammers put bots on wallets, and to fund or do any transfers to wallet A are like loosing more.

Wallet B is a new created Trust wallet and with new phrase.

Is there any safe/legal tools or idea to transfer the smart contract to wallet B , or transfer tokens through wallet A , when claiming the tokens from the presale?


@Fredrik1 I doubt there is anything like that, if at all there is, you need to make your own research as it is not related to Trust wallet.

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It’s related to what kind of tools or options Trust wallet have when such occurs. This is typical and hopefully one time mistake.

I have read that with Metamask there are options with using flashbot relay bundle. I haven’t manage to find similar option about Trust wallet. Posting about such topics waking up hungry scammers , so there is not easy ways to find what to believe or not. Have sent e mail to Trust wallet, but no reply.

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@Fredrik1 I do not think there is such option on the Trust app, please be careful also as scammers would approach and offer solutions that do not exist.

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