Approve button active but not working

Hi all, I have an issue and I’m looking for help. I would like to swap ADABep2 to Native ADA. I figured out my first step would be to swap to BTC and then to ADA. (Please tell me if there are better ways to do so.)

I’m currently stuck in the phase where I’m attempting to swap ADA BEP2 to BTC in my Trust wallet. When I tap on the “Approve” button, despite it showing as an active button, it doesn’t work.

I’ve updated the version and tried from different devices, but the issue persists. How can I overcome this?

Trust wallet version: 7.31.4
Crypto Address: bnb1wremkzpl8kqywxtpmvu3eqrdsl5t3q3lphxte6

Hello @Takos45
The best way would be to send out to an exchange like Binance and withdraw the native ADA as on your Trust app, BTC to BEP2 ADA is only possible and there is no support for swapping to Native ADA yet.