Arbitrage opportunities will be added?

Arbitrage is buying from "exchange A* and selling on “exchange B” for an immediate profit
It would be nice to see this feature

For those of you that don’t understand. Just the info, not exchange in the wallet.
Data only…

API in programmers language


Won’t mind this. Hoping it’s for the good of the coin/exchange.


Would make my life so much easier trading @Cryptoprenuer

Seems you’re afraid of tracing market signals, candles and indicators! :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Its not a bad idea any one

Seems like you’re hoping all exchange features in a wallet. Not bad though :relaxed:

No @ahmedtanjid
Just info

LOL. You’re a funny guy.

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Jusr looking out for you.

Data is data
Reading charts and analysing trends is essential but we don’t have to _ re-invent the wheel _ all day every day.

We have the browser built into the trust wallet but every time we leave the wallet and return, we have to log back in which is quite tedious “to say the least”

Been trading years and learnt by trading … fear the Creator only

a great idea, you can use the wallet as a guarantor for a 2p2 exchange, freezing funds for the exchange and transferring them after confirming the freeze from the second participant.