Assets missing need help!

My BNB is missing and I need some help, I’m new to trust wallet.

I was trying to swap BNB For some safemoon on the trust wallet apps using Pancakeswap and uniswap.

I spend a long time on it and it was going very very slow, I even tried out on PC still no luck.

I had problems with connecting my wallet also.

I fell asleep with my assets on my wallet but when I woke up it was gone. Did I make a mistake? Did a earlier transfer go thru? Did I transfer somewhere wrong? Was my wallet hacked?

This is the transaction Hash


Could someone help me?


Hello @Cryptoman123 this is not swap transaction. It is direct transfer from this address: 0x6600c1165cc411f26023c44e9674f939ae9ecf16
to 0xd5b740cfe6a7595be29fe24fe8494eba9ec86c73