ATOM amount is not updated in the app

Trust Wallet application on ios. Latest version (5.25). Some amount of ATOM coins has been purchased. Even though receiving transaction is visible in the application, the displayed amount of coins is zero.
Some of the transaction details:

Receipt date May 20, 2021
Transaction ID f3d0638f-a399-43de-b20d-730bde7a1d65
Destination wallet address [cosmos1q0k6etcdnvfllumg8ps8pux3vpnhcxmf0nt2j5]
Transaction hash A103863A9BDF343C709016678270A4C9E1533F0F38DC188743076C92C20BF9A3

Screenshots of the app interface showing problem cannot be attached because of lack of my permissions with the boards :frowning:

Hello @Malax you can send screenshot now, I have enabled it for you.

Thank you! Please see the screenshots attached:

try the following :-

  1. Use VPN
    2.Reimport your wallet, here’s a guide: How to Re-Import your Wallet
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Tried both. Did not help. Also tried switching between mobile data and different Wi-Fi. Nothing changes.

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Same here, yday i bought ATOM and i saw it in balance for a few minutes and today 0. I tried to remove cache data, remove app data, remove app and still same. App is last release on Android.

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Same here. I sent ATOM to my trust wallet from exchange. It’s been received into trust wallet, but is showing balance of 0. I thought there might have been a delay, but this was 8 hours ago.


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This issue is reported to our devs and is being reviewed.
Rest assured your balances are #SAFU.


I have the Same problem. Can someone tell me when it’s going to solve??

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Any solutions to this matter? It keeps giving me an outdated balance, even though It shows on my transactions that I have received Atom… this is really frustrating


Same problem . On 18 mai the transaction was ok. On 19 I sent ATOM to my trust wallet from the same exchange. It’s been received into trust wallet, but is showing balance of 0 and I have 0 disponible. I have open a ticket but no response

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Everything is ok now. The amount is disponible ! Hope everybody has the good balance. Thank you !