Atom pending for 9 days now after unstaking

Hi i unstaked my atoms after 21 days of staking, but now I can not acces the unstake coin it says pending for over 9 days nows

When you stake ATOM, it will remain locked.
When you start the unstake process, that is when the 21 day unlocking starts.
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Ah OK thx should have read better. Still find it strange then that in that 21 days you get no rewards or so ever. Because it is a long time that you can not use your coins. Will be looking for a other/ more user friendly wallet now.

That is how the Cosmos Network is designed. To incentivize people who are willing to stake longer.

Hmm OK thx. Luckely we have some other options here

When you unstake funds on Cosmos, you get rewards for 21 days as well, they are deposited along with the amount of the unstake. You are fine in this case.

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Ah cool then a 21 day wait is more then fine and gives me some time 2 make next move