Autofilled address was incorrect. Sent my BNB to the wrong address.

Using the Trust wallet, I selected BNB then I selected Buy.

Since I have purchased both BNB and BNB Smart chain direct through TRUST, my information was prefilled into Simplex when Trust transferred me over to Simplex. The app asked me for my CCV code. Simplex sent me a email with a 4-digit code and then sent me a text with a 4-digit code.

After that, I selected pay now. The payment immediately went. It did not ask me for any other information including my wallet address It just took the payment and sent the coins to the address that was prefilled. However, it ended sending my BNB coins to my BNB Smart Chain address. And now both my BNB and my BNB Smart Chain is missing the money and the Simplex has already taken the money.

Can anyone help me further?

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Hi @Skb,

Perhaps, you selected Smart Chain BNB instead of BNB. Also, they automatically recognize the wallet address that you have. Check your Smart Chain wallet, the balance should be there.